Teaching in Argentina

The high demand for English language education in Argentina means that there are a number of English teaching jobs in language institutes, private schools, and public schools across the country.The majority of teaching jobs are in the capital of Buenos Aires although it’s possible to teach in many of Argentina’s smaller cities as well.

Licensed teachers have the option to teach in international schools, usually located in Buenos Aires, non-license teacher can work in private schools across the country.

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Teaching in Bolivia

Options for teaching in Bolivia

Teaching English in Bolivia we only have positions in private schools. As Bolivia’s tourism industry grows, the demand for qualified teachers is also growing, with most citizens recognizing the importance of learning English in order to keep up with social and economic progress.

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Teach English in Brazil

Abroad Tutors supply’s jobs to private international schools in Brazil.

Teachers in Brazil will receive salary and benefits based on their qualifications. Elementary, middle, and secondary, and private school teaching jobs in Brazil are open to no licenseand license teachers. Abroad Tutors will provide license to candidates who needed. Candidates who are interested to work in Brazil need to be available at least for 2 years.

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Teaching in Chile

Chile is working to expand access to English education to students throughout the country.

Language institutes located and private schools in the nation’s larger cities as well as high schools and colleges throughout the country.

Teaching jobs in high schools generally require a teaching license Abroad Tutors will provide the license to candidates who needs a teachers license.

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Teaching in EcuadorTeaching English in Ecuador is possible in private language schools as well as universities, and high schools language institutes.

Teaching English in language institutes and private schools does not require previous experience.

Salary and benefits when teaching in Ecuador
Salaries in Ecuador will approximately $15.00 Up To $25 USD per hour, some private schools will also provide benefits.

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Teaching in Mexico

From elementary schools to adult learning centers, private language schools

Abroad Tutors is in partnership with a wide variety of institutions in Mexico and offers teaching jobs for educators at many different levels.

English teaching jobs can be found in all areas of the country with students of all ages. Universities many universities employ native English speakers, private language institute and international schools employ native and non-native English speakers.

The most of international schools are located in Mexico City or Guadalajara, although cities such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

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Teaching in Peru

Candidates who are hoping to teach English in Peru can get easy a job true Abroad Tutors.
Abroad Tutors supplies jobs in all major cities, as well as many smaller villages. In the capital city of Lima Abroad Tutors provides the most jobs, although Abroad Tutors supplies plenty of jobs in Cusco
Experienced teachers can applying to teach English at the university level, university teaching jobs generally offer generous salaries and benefits.

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Teaching in Panama

Panama one of the best places to teach English abroad, typical class hours are between 40 hours per week, it’s possible to make extra hours, and extra working hours will be payed $25.00 USD hour.
Minimumcontract term is two year.

Abroad Tutors hiring for Private schools several private schools are in and around the bigger cities in Panama, including Panama City, Tocumen and San Miguelito,

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